What To Do While You’re Here

Isle La Motte is a great place to go to enjoy a nice, relaxing week away from things. While there are many neat little spots to check out on the island, you’re probably coming to Isle La Motte to hang out on the lake and enjoy the peace and quiet. However, if a day trip to the city sounds like something you’re interested in, Montreal and Burlington are both only an hour away — and both drives are beautiful.

Here are some exciting things that you can check out on Isle La Motte:

St. Anne’s Shrine – Thousands of tourists flock to visit this beautiful, waterfront church for its religious services, as well as its wonderful beach and expansive property.

TroutScout Charters – Captain Pete Murray offers 4, 6, and 8 hour fishing charters aboard his beloved Missy Jean. All fishing equipment is provided. All you need is your license. Packages range from $300 to $500.

Fisk Farm and Nature Preserve – Just a short walk from the Inn you will find Fisk Farm and Nature Preserve. The farm house and buildings date back to the 1700’s. The renovated barn houses art works from local artists. On Sunday afternoon you can enjoy a tea room with delicious desserts and free outdoor concerts. You can also walk around in the nearby nature preserve where you can see many fossils from an ancient ocean reef dating back over 300 million years. Admission is free!

Goodsell Ridge and Nature Preserve – The Goodsell Ridge is located close to the Inn and is part of the oldest fossil reef in America dating back over 300 million years! On the ridge you will find a very interesting and educational exhibit called “A Walk Through Time”. This exhibit is a 1 mile walk over the ancient reef where each step you take represents 1 million years of time. There are numerous posters along the path denoting the history of life on earth and the fossil evidence imbedded in the limestone rocks. Nearby you will also find a visitor center, a one-room school house, a blacksmith shop and an island history museum. Admission is free!

Biking around the Islands – Isle LaMotte offers unsurpassed biking for any level of biker and is a very popular biking destination. The terrain is relatively flat for Vermont and the views of the lake are spectacular.  The roads are mostly paved and the car traffic is very low. There is a 10-mile loop and a few shorter loops which much exploring to do. Longer trips can take you off Isle LaMotte where you can connect to an extensive group of bike trails weaving throughout the Lake Champlain islands, and in to the rest of Vermont, New York , and Canada. We have 5 bikes for rent at the Inn for a small donation.

Alburg Dune State Park –  about 6 miles away you can spend a day on the white sand beach at the “Alburg Dunes State Park”.  The swimming is excellent and there is visitor’s center and hiking trails on site.

Alburg Golf Links – Only 5 miles from the Inn, you can enjoy a round of golf and lunch on the shores of Lake Champlain at the Alburg Golf Links- an 18-hole golf course. The restaurant commands beautiful views of the lake and is also open for dinner on the weekends.